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About Me

I am a graduate student in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (the science of work). My research interests are in workforce or personnel analytics, person-environment fit, and resume use. My Master's thesis investigated whether volunteer experience could compensate for an unemployment gap.I created this site to teach myself web development and as an outlet for artistic expression. My complete professional history is available on LinkedIn and I tweet under @dmaurath.

You can reach me at: daniel (at) danielmaurath.com

  • Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio Studied German language and literature at Universit√§t Bonn Earned a Bachelor of Arts at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio Served for two years with City Year, an Americorps affiliate in San Jose, CA Currently resides in San Francisco, California

About Lola

Lola is a two year old pit bull mix rescued from Rocket Dog Rescue. Below are videos of her shot with the iPhone 5s' slomo feature and edited in iMovie 10. Music is by Teen Daze. Follow Lola on Pack Dog.


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